1981 Redress hearings

1975 Police brutality protest

A Chinese American man was hit in the head with a billy club and tens of thousands of Chinese Americans marched from Chinatown to City Hall to protest against police brutality.  

Executive Order 9066 was a government mandate that  ordered Japanese Americans into internment camps during WW2.  The 1981 hearings and testimonies of those incarcerated led to the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 which  included an official apology from the US government and restitution for those in the camps.

1974 confucius plaza

After 9/11, Sikhs and Muslims of Asian descent became targets of violence.  They held prayers and peace vigils to show allegiance to the US.

Violence towards muslims

corky captures PIVOTAL Moments in asian american history

Asian Americans fought for the right to be hired as construction workers during plans to build a lower to middle income housing complex in Chinatown.​